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16-05-2014 Update Me Too

22-12-2013 Updated Jack his Page in Onze Honden/Our Doggs/Unsere Hunden.

Jongehondendag KCWF 2014 Online.

Ringsteken de Weere 2014 Online.

Dogshow Hulten/KC de Baronie 2014 Online.

Clubmacth AKC-Waterland 2014 Online.

Dogshow Leiden 2014 Online.

Clubmatch RZWH 2014 Online.

Dogshow Groningen 2014 Online.

Hond van het Jaar Show Online.

Dogshow Eindhoven 2014 Online.

Jonge Hondendag KCZY 2014 Online.

Christmas Dogshow Cuijk 2013 Online.

Winner Amsterdam 2013 Online.

Clubmatch CCVH  2013 Online.

Clubmatch KCWF  2013 Online.

Dogshow Bleiswijk 2013 Online.

Clubmatch NVAI 2013 Online.

Clubmatch KC Sneek 2013 Online.